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The corporate website entered our lives compulsorily in 2011. With the Turkish Commercial Code, companies were obliged to have a website and published in the Official Gazette. So why has it become necessary? If you wish, let's continue reading and find out why.


The purpose of the corporate website is to be transparent to each other, their partners and government agencies. It is seen as a pre-dating site where they can clearly state their identity in their own words. Since there are times when fraud and theft increase, a corporate website has been made mandatory to increase reliability.
The compulsory website has been made obligatory for all capital companies. These websites should be updated frequently and should not be stuck in the past. When there is information in your identity that changes, just as you have to change it, you are likely to be penalized for sites that you do not keep up to date. It is mandatory to have a cover letter and information about your company. You should not make your web page solely for a legal obligation. Customers of the company will also use the website. Because as I mentioned above, this will become your identity. If you want to get more information about the corporate website, you can reach it by clicking here.
You should have a corporate and professional site as it will always be a site you can use. For this, we, as Cactus Software, guarantee that we will be able to make the most suitable site for you. 

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