Let's learn digital advertising, which is the new fashion advertising, together.

About 15 years ago, there was no such thing as digital advertising. We need to be in the technology age in this developing and growing world. In the past, when we think of advertising, we only think of signs placed on the roadside and TV series, promotional posters or videos placed between news. I remember that while my father was watching football, there were banners and billboards of the supporters of the football team on the sides of the field. During the match on TV, when the match screen shrunk and the surrounding area was black, advertising was placed on the black parts. Let's read below what is digital advertising that functions as a new category today.

Advertising has started to develop in all these areas, thanks to the separation of the media into different branches other than television, radio and newspaper. Every advertisement placed on the Internet is called digital advertising. The advertisements given in digital channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube, which we call social media, are examples of digital advertising. Another advertising example is "GOOGLE ADS". Digital advertising enables it to appeal to a wider audience and the right target audience compared to the past. When you want to advertise, we can say that digital advertising is the best advertising tool because you can choose the appropriate target audience (age range, region, gender, etc.).

What are the Benefits of the Corporate Website?
• Reflects your company and service areas to your customers effectively and easily.
• It helps your company create a positive image. You can create a more serious, more stable and more reliable company image.
• You can reach a much wider audience. There is an increase in your site traffic.
• You show your customers and partners that you are transparent.
• Websites designed by considering the corporate identity of the company will create a consistent company perception in internet users and increase their trust in your organization.
• You can get ahead of your competitors in the industry.

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