Corporate websites are getting widespread day by day. In order to stand out among dozens of websites, the features I have given below are very important. If you can't wait, start reading now!

First of all, the corporate website has become a necessity rather than a privilege today. A beautiful corporate site takes you to privilege. Now I'll explain what a beautiful and complete website should have. The first feature that I will give; your site needs a fast server. Because speed is everything nowadays. A slow site will leave you disconnected from curious but impatient customers. With a fast site and fast technical support, it means having only seconds between you and your customers. This will give you a lot of profit. With Kaktüs Yazılım, we guarantee that we can solve all your problems in this speed.
The second feature I can give is; About us, vision and mission pages. Because your customer entering your site will wonder what you are doing and what is your difference from others. "Why should I choose you?" Bring your questions to mind. To give that reason to the customer, you must have a nice and effective about us page.
The next feature I will give is; is the design of your site. With a modern and useful design, you will fascinate your customers and show your quality at the same time. You can think of it as what you wear when you face your customer for the first time. Going to interviews with a sweatpants or wearing a nice shirt and trousers? Which one do you show your respect to the customer? I leave it up to you to answer this question, and I end the importance of design here.
Next feature; Your website is mobile-friendly. The importance of this is that nowadays, it has become very easy to access the internet thanks to smart phones. Rather than computers, people research using phones and tablets. While access to computers is more difficult, our smartphones are always at hand. It is also very important to indicate your company, workplace and location with Google Map on your corporate website. A website integrated with Google Map allows your potential customers to reach you faster and more precisely.
Last feature I will give; It's about having a site that is SEO compatible. The keywords used in your articles are as important as the visuality. Why is that? Because your writings bring you to the top positions and allow you to be ahead of your competitors.

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