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The most important feature of e-commerce sites is that you can reliably sell your products in a virtual environment. For example, you have a small boutique but cannot sell quickly because you are not in an active region? Or do you have a product but do not have enough capital to open a store (store rent, employee salary, employee insurance, etc.)? Then let's set up your own e-commerce site for you. In our e-commerce systems service, after we set up a special e-commerce site for you, we determine a system for how to sell quickly. In the sites we make; We are talking about an e-commerce site complete with everything from virtual payment tools to e-invoices. As always, after purchasing your e-commerce site, our technical service, which is open 24/7, will contact you and solve your problem. You can see once again that Kaktüs Yazılım is a customer-oriented company. So what are we doing to set up this e-commerce system?
We are listening; Our first step is to determine your needs, then we do our preliminary work.When the report we have prepared is finished, we present it to your liking. After the agreement is reached, we start the setup of the e-commerce site.
We analyze; After examining your competitors and customer portfolios, we brainstorm with our team for innovations that we can bring to the industry. Then, we share with you the features that will distinguish you from your competitors and ideas that will help you attract more customers.
We design; We change or make additions to the designs of your site that we have started by asking you. We write and test; It sets up the systems necessary for safe shopping; We set up SSL (security certificate) and payment integration. Then we test the system.
We teach; We teach you the use of the e-commerce site that is ready to use. For example; adding products, removing products, etc. You only have 5 steps to reach the e-commerce site that we will prepare for you.


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